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Don't Let Weeds Overwhelm Your Lawn in Wichita Falls, TX

Schedule lawn fertilization and weed control treatment today

Maintaining a beautiful lawn means monitoring and treating it for weeds and unhealthy growth. You need weed control treatments to curb unwanted growth and fertilization treatments to encourage healthy growth.

Murphy Lawn and Landscape, LLC offers weed control and lawn fertilization services in Wichita Falls, TX. We'll make sure your lawn stays green and vibrant year-round.

Email us today if you need residential or commercial weed control service.

What makes our weed control service different

When you need weed control services, choose our reliable team. For every single job, we ensure:

  • Thorough application-we won't miss a single spot
  • Timely service-we'll treat your lawn as often as needed
  • The use of safe chemicals-we use pet-safe weed control treatments

Since we use safe chemicals, you won't need to keep your pets out of the lawn after treatment. Contact us now if you need lawn fertilization or weed control services.